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My name is Tomasz Ciborowski. I am Pole. I write articles and studies concerning various spheres. It includes religion, medicine, psychology, sociology, economy, technology and computing. Most of them are qualitative expansion and completion of tv and radio programmes. They contain views which have never been lucky to find their place in official mass-medias since fall of socialism.

This is English version of my home page. I decided to make a translation into English all my major texts. Please keep in mind that I am not native English speaker. Provided translations may be inaccurate and in halting English. Help is welcome especially from those who know Polish language.

Why this yet another site?

It is necessity to do it. For many years citizens of Western World - especially the US ones - have been indoctrinated and manipulated about situation in socialist countries. The public has been incited for anger by irregular or casual actions being taken against workers' protests and riots. Some limitations in political activity, freedom of speech and association were excessively depicted as overwhelming realities. But there was no information about social and economic progress except of pejorative manner. Therefore the western public has distorted view on socialist countries till now. There is no justification for that shady business. Even an "iron curtain" doctrine is not a case. By successively providing information on social and economical issues I hope that my readers will develop ability of critical thinking and gain sound view on the issues.

News and Announcements

Texts provided are rather long and some of them contain charts, tables as an image. Therefore I suggest to write them down to disk as "complete web page", in any case write them with images.
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Due to server limitations and quantity of html texts transfer problems may appear. That's why some texts are in compressed form (ZIP).

Thematic index:

Media's deceptions
Polish People's Republic
Tech and computing


I'm handicapped person in need. Can you help me?


Poland - the country which died from capitalism

Do we need minimal salary?


Dispute on criticism of Belarus

Polish misery A.D. 2002
Short description of shocking CSO report on Polish households' economic and social conditions in 2002.

Some questions about The Kaczynski politics in 2006
Short interview conducted with me by Brazilian newspaper correspondent. I give answer what it is lumpen-liberalizm, why religion has strong influence in Poland etc.


What does fornication mean in the Bible; Latin Greek and Hebrew origin
Do you really know what God says about fornication? Or maybe you only think you know. If you are English speaker it is nearly impossible to you to discover its Biblical meaning. Why? Whis video presentation tries to answer and explain these issues.

Wealth in liberal and christian doctrines
Short essey about differences between liberal philosophy and christianity

Opus Dei - Devil in sheephide
Very short text about shady catholic organization - Opus Dei.

Massmedia' scams

nothing here yet

Polish People's Republic

Polish laser technology of former system
History of development in laser technology at socialist times

Mini photo album of Polish People's Republic

Technology and computing

Report on Inertial Propulsion Engine
Youtube's presentation of project aimed to develop new way of space travel. This engine is based on electromagnetism

M-ZPM free energy generator
Description of basic idea of simple design free energy generator

Study on energy requirements of future space propulsion systems
Short depiction with mathematical background of work of levitating vehicle in gravity field,

Patch for VIA 691/693 - Apollo Pro 133 chipset
Small application boosting performance of old computers up to three times

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