Here is index of sites which I find worth to visit:

Sites about christianity (mostly in Polish):
Reading room of Christians
Oficial web site of Polish Pentacostal Church
Site of Pentacostal Church "Bethania" in Katowice
Christian apologetic site
Opus Dei Awareness Network, Inc. (ODAN) Site of international association whoose main aim is providing information about real activities of Opus Dei. It helps those who have been adversely affected by Opus Dei. Site is in English and Spanish.
The Bible on-line Listen to the Gospels in Polish.

Sites about social and political activities:
Oxfam International international organization working in aid of poor people polish department of international organization counteracting all kinds of social and economic abuses. information site of Polish left sympathizers. I used to be engaged in it between July 2001 and January 2002.

Sites about standard and non-standard science:
Amateur Science, physics teaching, hobby projects
Library of Halexandria
Quite interesting site on many different spheres. This website contains some information about functioning of my inertial propulsion
Dr. Harold Aspden's site
He is a retired corporate patent director and developes aether science
Dr. Jaynes New Science
Website belonging to Dr. Reginald Jaynes. This spot in totality is devoted to free energy, anti-gravity, and new science. Dr. Jaynes and I are trying to build inertial propulsion system
Physics visualizing applets for free
Polish Anti-Macroevolution Organization

Sites of movie art and my most favourite shows:
Stargate SG-1 Sci-fi tv-show of millennia
Stargate Atlantis official site Another excellent series based on Stargate story
Site of Battlestar Galactica show