Here are e-mail and communicator addresses to contact me:
Tomasz Ciborowski

The above internet communicators are Polish Gadu-Gadu (Talkie-Talkie) and Tlen (Oxygen). You can catch me on net after 4pm CET (Central European Time). As I write on my home page, keep in mind that I am not an native English speaker. You should be understanding :)
You can download Talkie-Talkie from here and Tlen from here. Unfortunately as far as I know there is no English skin version. You have to cope with it by yourself.

There is also simple Guest Book
Explanations for English readers only

"Dopisz się do księgi" means "write yourself down in guestbook"
"Powrót na stronę WWW" means "return to author's www page"
In form section:
"wpisujący" - You, that is your name or nickname :)
"strona www" - your www if you've got it
"co chcesz wpisać do księgi?" - box where you write your message
"wpisz liczbę, którą widzisz na obrazku" - enter number visible at the image
"wyślij" - submit
"wyczyść" - clear form