Patch for VIA 691/693 - Apollo Pro 133 chipset

In my thorough article available here (in Polish only) I describe benefits from tuning configuration and system components in computers. In case of systems based on VIA 693 chipset known as VIA Apollo Pro (133) proper setting of quantity "In-Order Queue Size" has fundamental influence. Unfortunatelly, handfull of ASUS motherboard owners can set this to proper value in BIOS. Majority of users other brands are doomed to standard "slow" setting, recommended by manufacturer. This manufacturer's setting ("1-level") beats down system performance dramatically.

There are some patches available on internet, but none of them is made by VIA and none of them can work outside of Windows. You can find effective patch made by George E. Breese named "Memory Interleave Enabler for VIA Chipsets". It does not only change "memory interleave" but sets IOQS to 4-level. Unfortunatelly, it is a MS Windows driver and won't work in any other system.

My application is different. It was written entirely in assembly language and can be ran under DOS and Windows (but not under NT based Windows like XP, Vista won't work either, but who would have tried to run MS Vista on such an old computer, heh?).
It changes In-Order Queue Size to 4-Level what rises performance threefold. It was observed on heavy-driven floating point unit applications like SETI project or games. On Intel Celeron 633 MHz with standard setting, SETI application ran about 25-30 MFLOPs (millions of arithmetic operations per second). After the patch has been applied it run at 90-100 MFLOPs on the same system.
This little application is not a resident driver. Does not use BIOS, but makes changes directly in hardware (in PCI). I has to be activated just once per session (i.e. after each restart). You can put it in autoexec.bat or run directly under Windows.


In current release (0.01) it does not check in any way the system it is run on. If you try to start it on system equiped with other chipset than VIA 693 result is unpredictible.

1. If you are not sure whether your motherboard has VIA 694x
2. If you are afraid that this application could damage your computer

do not download and start this application

VIA patch v. 0.01 (12nd October 2003)


size: 28 bytes
sets In-Order Queue Size to 4-Level
architecture: AMD K5,K6,Cyrix,Intel PII,PIII,Celeron
chipset: VIA Apollo Pro
system: DOS,MS Windows 3,95,98,Me

Known (rare) problems:

Issued on web page: 12nd October 2003
English translation: 27 April 2007