1st November 2008
Added video presentations:
"Poland - the country which died from capitalism"
"What does fornication mean in the Bible; Latin Greek and Hebrew origin"

19th January 2008
Added Animation showing work of Inertial Propulsion Engine

17th November 2007
First presentation on youtube on inertial propulsion system

29th May 2007
Little celebration! Number of visitors of this site reached a hundred per day. Number of visits in month exceeded a thousand.

25th May 2007
"M-ZPM Free energy generator" comes out of closet "History of Polish laser technology" is issued in English.

15th May 2007
"Wealth in christian and liberal doctrines" translated into English

6th May 2007
Two new publications are issued:
"Lasers in Polish People's Republic"
"Glance at East - Belarus"
"Republic of misers"

2nd May 2007
New translation in English "Dispute on criticism of Belarus"

1st May 2007
Site has been moved on new serwer.

30th April 2007
New publication is issued "Do we need a minimal salary?"

6th April 2007
New publication is issued "Salary is not an alms"

21st January 2007
Published study on levitating space propulsion systems (text in English)

12th December 2006
Some new texts:
"Institute of National Remembrance took into its attention matter of abortion"
"Catholic Church and its position in socialist Poland"
"Satiated never understands the hungry"
"Churches in the days of capitalist Poland"

6th August 2006
Published in English interview for Brazilian newspaper about The Kaczynski

1st January 2006
First edition of news bulletin on Belarus

18th April 2005
New text "Mini photo album of PPR".

29th September 2005
"Elections to the Parliament 2005"
"Entrepreneurs as braking force on mobility of Polish employees"

15 July 2005
"In defence of economics against ultraliberals"
"Dispute on critisizm about Belarus"

21st February 2005
A letter of protest to the massmedia published under the title "Journalists' deceptions #2">

29th October 2004
"The highest values in liberal and Christian doctrine"
"Wealth in liberal and Christian doctrine"
"Poverty in liberal and Christian doctrine"
"Liberty in liberal and Christian doctrine"
"Attitude to workers' wage in liberal and Christian doctrine"

21st Semptember 2004
"22nd of July" - memories about Polish People Republic

6th June 2004
"Productivity as a factor evaluating level of wage"

23rd February 2004
"The Left FAQ"

8th November 2003
Description of shocking CSO report on Polish households' economic and social conditions in 2002 - Polish misery A.D.2002

26th October 2003
English site version opening! Short text on Opus Dei, in English of course.

12th October 2003
Four new texts: "Can market economy salve the Poland?", "Polish poverty A.D.2002", "Do we need minimal salary regulations?", "Computer adventures: upgrading"
At the first time my computer application comes to the public.

3rd August 2003
After hard work new study is published: "Fair national income division on the duty of fighting with unemployment.

22nd June 2003
Section letters build from scratch.

3rd May 2003
I give my opinion on Polish accession to European Union.

7th April 2003
After long pause there is new publication: "Why the West is rich and Poland is poor?". It is debunking some myths about before-WWII Polish economy.

24th November 2002
New great text. This time it is on history manipulation and indoctrination of school youth taking place in Polish schools in the 90's.

13th October 2002
Case-study on rental and pension Polish system (in Polish - ZUS). The study debunks some liberal myths on that issue.

3rd August 2002
Readers' remarks concerning text about education payments are published.

20th July 2002
All my news from lewica.pl are published on my web site

16th July 2002
New chapter is started: "Media's deceptions". First text on that theme concerning some unethical practicies of columnist Mr. Wildstein publising at "Rzeczpospolita" (such a newspaper)

9th June 2002
Text on education paymant is published

2nd June 2002
Move to new server because of technical problems. Web searchers and robot don't properly index my site

11th May 2002
New text: "Evaluation of social-economic changes in Poland 1989-2002"

10th May 2002
Variety changes in layout and html code

14th April 2002
Edition of "Analysis of factores .... part II" is completed. Some changes in graphical layout.

8th April 2002
Several new texts. All my texts from lewica.pl were transfered on my www.

17th Fabruary 2002
Reply on a letter about "Homosexual Groups and The Society" Because of cease by Hoga.pl free web hosting my site remains only on KKI.

1st December 2001
Due to tranfer trubles, there were published texts in compressed form.

21st October 2001
Outstanding post is published. Reply to ATTAC's accusations against my text about Polish People's Republic (PRL in polish)

4th August 2001
After the year of hard work new study is published on living standards and economy of Polish People's Republic

29th May 2001
First study entirely concering religion problems - "Controversies about christian before marriage sexual purity
Additional informations to the economic text

4th May 2001
Some changes in texts
Announcement of the first text on christian issues

11th March 2001
Site on new server. Second part of "Analysis of factors affecting economic development"

18th Decenber 2000
Changes in graphics layout and stylistic and spelling corrections of all texts

15th October 2000
New text:Analysis of factors affecting economic development part I

16th September 2000
Belated text on homosexuality (due to virus-erased BIOS in the computer). First use of cascaded style sheets

26th August 2000
Some additions to polish versions of text on simming.

5th August 2000
Some html optimizations. Chars are coded in international standard ISO 8859-2.

29th July 2000
The site starts.