What does fornication mean in the Bible; Latin Greek and Hebrew origin

Do you really know what God says about fornication? Or maybe you only think you know. If you are English speaker it is nearly impossible to you to discover its Biblical meaning. Why?

Because English word fornication is directly derived from latin word "fornicatio" which has changed its meaning thanks to early church fathers and theologists.

I bet you think that fornication means premarital sex. But original meaning of it is "slightly" different

Items listed in video: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 stay in relation with pagan rites of fertility godesses, though they're not limited to it.

So called church fathers twisted meanings of every single word related with sexuality. For them even sex between husband and wife was considered as "marital fornication". This term was in use for nearly 1700 years in christian doctrine, especially in Catholic and Protestant churches. They even forged and falsified Word of God (the Bible) to support their teachings. About a 100 years ago this term was refuted by third-way reformation churches like pentecostals. From this moment some of marriage dignity has been restored, through dismising fornication from marriage. But false term on other areas still remians in consciousness and includes contraceptive, allowed positions, forms (like oralism) etc.

You should realize that church fathers hated sexuality and because of it also disgusted marriage and women. They even killed teacher Hypathia and justified it in their consciousness.

For instance, st. John Chrystostom maintained that "where is marriage there is death" (spiritual death because of sex in it).

Augutin was saying that in the paradise God provided children for Adam and Eve, because they couldn't have sex. Later he said that Adam and Eve were reproducing themselves like angels. It was him who connected sexuality with original sin. He said that marital sex disallows spouses to attend in communion. This was later oficially established in catholic canon. Clement of Alexadria stated that woman who colours her hair, does makeup is a fornicator, painted ape and devil's snake (Paidagogos). The same thing said Cyprianus in De habitu virginum. He said that God will not be able to recognize woman with make-up.

st Thomas Aquinas wrote in his Summa Theologica (2-2 q.151 a. 3 ad 2) that nothing brings down [to hell] man's spirit than caress of his wife.

st Jerome said that "spouses live like animals" because "through sexual commixture with wifes men do not differ in anything from pigs and other irrational animals"

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Thomas Aquinas

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Ariel Scheib
"In biblical times, a man was not prohibited from having sexual relations with a woman, as long as it led to marriage. The Bible never explicitly states a woman and man may not have sexual intercourse prior to marriage; therefore, no sanction was imposed for premarital sex, but it was considered a violation of custom (...) rabbinic scholars of the Talmud prohibited prostitution and premarital sex with no intention of marriage."

orthodox rabbi Shmuley Boteach:
"Many people are surprised to learn that the Torah does not prohibit premarital sex. I challenge you to find any passage in the Jewish scriptures that forbits a man from having consensual sexual relations with any woman he could legally marry. It's just not there! (..) This is not to suggest that Judaism approves of pre-marital sex or promiscuity. (..) Jewish law prohibits an unmarried, unrelated man and woman from being alone long enough to have sexual relations. But these laws come from the Talmud and the Shulchan Aruch, not from the Torah"

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